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Bath Renovation Ideas

Bath Renovation Ideas and Trends

Bath Renovation

We have pulled together what we believe is the most current collection of bath renovation ideas for what is hot in the bathroom remodeling industry. This is by no means everything that is new and exciting but it does cover what we have found to be commonly requested bath renovation ideas.

Mediterranean Design For International Flare

Mediterranean design can inspire you to think outside the square box.   You can now get a variety of tile and building design ideas from ancient Mediterranean countries like Morocco, Spain and Portugal.  Here are some Mediterranean bath design photos

Remodeling Can Help You Maximize Storage Better

Everyone needs bathroom storage. Here are some storage ideas to view. Remember when remodeling to take advantage of your vertical space with respect to any cabinetry.

Remodeling For Better Accessibility And Ease of Use

One remodeling trend we are seeing is homeowners are creating a combination shower/bathtub/wet room. Accessibility is being improved by adding sinks with no vanity, walk in showers, shower heads at different levels and various other ways of increasing ADA-compliance. See some remodeling photos here

Media and Music

Bluetooth shower head speakers and water resistant or splash proof screens make listening to music or binge-watching your latest television show possible. See some bathroom media ideas

Pet-Friendly Bathrooms

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) reported that there has been an increase in home pet washing zones and built-in kitty litter boxes in bath remodels. People are adding handheld and waist high shower heads make caring for your pet easier than before. Now you just have to get them to cooperate!   See photo ideas here

Natural Stone or Textured Stone

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Avon Cabinet Happy Customer Requested Natural Stone

Integrating Natural Stone or Textured Stone into your bath floor or wall design can give you a natural look and feel that can serve as your home oasis.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is increasingly popular due to the beautiful colors and patterns that are available and that will inspire you.

High-Gloss Beveled Subway Tile

High-gloss Beveled Subway Tile is also very popular because of it’s industrial yet classic look and feel.

Hire A Pro

Working with these various designs and materials takes a high level of experience and skill to do correctly. We must caution you to make sure whatever design you choose that you make sure the bath renovation contractor has training and experience with those materials. Ask to see photos of their work. Visit our website to see more bathroom design ideas and products.

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