Satisfied Customers

Project: Total Kitchen Renovation

“We needed a total kitchen renovation and only wanted to deal with one person. When we met Gene we liked him right away. We could tell he knew what he was doing. Avon Cabinet Company does everything. We did a complete kitchen renovation; including work on the electrical, plumbing, countertops, sinks, molding, cabinets, tile, lighting fixtures, appliances, and doors. Gene was great to work with, and he arranged for all of the subcontractors so we only had to deal with him. He even came with us to help us choose the best tiles. Avon Cabinet offered us a fair price, were always straightforward, and all the Avon Cabinet crew and subcontractors were good at what they did. We recommend them to anyone looking to renovate their kitchen.”

Tom and Diane Walsh, Hull, MA

Project: Bathroom renovation

“Gene and Avon Cabinet Company have been in Avon forever. Gene had done some work for my brother, and he was very happy with the quality of the work so we had them renovate our bathroom. Avon Cabinet put in a beautiful new vanity, countertops, cabinets, toilet, tub, shower, door, and tile. I liked their work so much I had them also come back to replace my hallway doors, bathroom and bedroom doors, and some woodworking in the playroom. Avon’s owner, Gene, is very pleasant and easy to work with. He was always available when I could meet, and had great ideas for the bathroom renovation. I feel that I can trust Avon Cabinet crew to be in my house; his guys were complete gentlemen, even his sub contractors were reliable, and trustworthy. Every day, they covered rugs, and cleaned up after themselves. When I renovate my kitchen I will be calling Avon Cabinet because everything they do is top quality, and they don’t skimp on the quality of their products. Outstanding work.”

Cindy Fitton, Brockton, MA

Project: Partial Kitchen Remodel:

“We have been using Avon Cabinet Company for over 20 years for various projects. When we first met Gene, we saw that he was a master at what he did- so we hired him many times over the years. In our family we value quality- so we had Avon Cabinet install stone countertops, make some modifications to our cabinetry, and rebuild our turntable bearing system. Gene even did some clever work to make our new wall oven more accessible so Mrs. Slater could reach the controls, by creating a decorative dummy panel, allowing a reduced height for the installation. The work was impeccable.”

Project: Bathroom Remodel

“Avon built stone countertops, installed new sinks and faucets for three bathrooms. Anything Gene and his crew do is the best, and they take a lot of pride in their work. If you appreciate craftsmanship, then Gene is the one. He taught us what to look for and expect in quality work, and his service is wonderful. When he promises something- it’s done, and done on time. He always finds a solution to a situation and is a creative, clever guy. If you want the best work-Gene is the one.”

Natalie and Manny Slater, Randolph, MA

Project: Total Kitchen Renovation

“We decided to renovate our kitchen because it was the worst room in the house. We shopped around and went with Avon Cabinet Company because it was clear by speaking with them that they had many years of experience, a long list of references, and some creative ideas for renovating our kitchen. We found Avon’s owner, Gene Anderson, to be a very meticulous, talented, dependable, and trustworthy craftsman who made our custom kitchen cabinets into fine furniture. He offered us a wide range of design options and even took us to see other kitchens he had renovated to give us ideas. Our kitchen is now our favorite room in the house thanks to Gene, and the rest of the crew at Avon Cabinet. It is truly our dream kitchen. “

Jim and Tina Welsh, Bridgewater, MA


We are your one destination for all of your home remodeling needs eliminating the need to subcontract various aspects of your home remodeling project. We can answer all of your design and remodeling questions, come up with creative ways of solving your unique kitchen challenges, and can provide you with all of the materials that you will need including cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, plumbing, electrical, and we take care of all construction work.

We take the hassle out of remodeling by supplying all the necessary permits you may need.

We are family owned and operated and believe in providing personal attention and fostering long-term business relationships with our clients.

We are a fully licensed and insured remodeler.

We provide professional design services to minimize downtime, to make your project run smoothly, with complete plans for every aspect of the work to be completed.

We work with you to finish the job on time, and on budget.

We concentrate on only one job at a time.

We clean up every day to protect the health and safety of your family.